EO – Entrepreneurs Organization – 2009 Barcelona University.

Des de dimecres a la tarda fins aquest matí hem reunit a uns 350 emprenedors de tot el mon per tal de guanyar capacitats personals i establir nous horitzons. No ha estat senzill d’organitzar però la màgia d'EO i de tanta gent amb els mateixos interessos és brutal. Fa 8 anys que pertanyo a aquesta organització i no me’n he penedit mai. He estat amb ells a llocs tant diferents com Washington DC o a Querétaro (Mèxic) i sempre he experimentat la mateixa sensació de sinceritat i d'energia positiva.
Evidentment, reunir gent de tants Països i tant diferents fa que et sentis una mica més humil en tots els aspectes. Passar del desconeixement mutu a la relació sincera és un model que es treballa constantment i us puc ben assegurar que s’aconsegueix realment un clima de confiança i complicitat de tal nivell que només es podria assegurar amb esdeveniments així.
Speakers de primera magnitud com Nando Parrado (autor de l’anomenat Miracle dels Andes), Mario Alonso Puig , Verne Harnish, Joe Duran, Morten Lund, Bill Treasurer, etc ens han fet treballar coneixements estructurats i emocions controlades per aconseguir ser una mica millor en tots els aspectes. També hem tingut gent de casa: Miquel Torres, Carlos Muñoz (Vueling)
Evidentment, també hem tractat d’explicar què és Barcelona i hem concentrat en Gaudí l’eix cultural visitant la Pedrera i la Casa Batlló, o escoltant un concert a Santa Maria del Mar (dijous en que jo, però, vaig fer un parèntesi per ser al Ple de l’Ajuntament de Mataró), o acabant ahir en un sopar a la Casa Llotja, de la Cambra de Comerç on la història es tornava a repetir.
Keynote Speakers
The following keynote speakers can be found on this page:
Nando Parrado
Miguel Torres Maczassek
JR Brow
Mario Alonso Puig
Arun Abey
Nando Parrado
Keynote Session: Miracle in the Andes
His is a story that many will recognize, but few have an opportunity to hear first hand. Nando Parrado recounts the extraordinary tale of how he and 15 of his teammates survived for 72 brutal days after their plane crashed into the frozen Andes Mountains over 30 years ago. It remains one of the paramount survival stories of all time.From the time the plane crashed on October 13, 1972 until their rescue on December 22, Nando and his fellow Uruguayan rugby teammates were forced to cross both physical and mental boundaries. After waking from a concussion only to learn that his mother had died on impact and his sister was near death, Nando became obsessed with surviving and emerged a hero after he and teammate Roberto Canessa walked for 10 days to find their salvation. Their story of courage, teamwork, determination and leadership, experienced at a level few have known, will leave you with a heightened awareness of the value of human life.Biography
Soon after the rescue of the 16 survivors, Nando worked with Piers Paul Read, the author chosen by the survivors to pen the best-selling book “Alive.” Twenty years later, Nando served as technical advisor to the Frank Marshall/Kathleen Kennedy production of the film of the same name, starring Ethan Hawke as Nando. He is also the author of the New York Times bestseller “Miracle in the Andes: 72 Days on the Mountain and My Long Trek Home,” which tells the story of the Andes ordeal from an intensely personal perspective.Since this experience, Nando has become a successful businessman and television producer. He is CEO of four companies in Uruguay. He also hosts several popular television programs in Uruguay including shows on nature, public affairs, autos and travel. In his spare time, Nando enjoys racing motorcycles, sports cars, stock cars and watercraft. He has many awards, including the European Team Cup for stock car racing and the Open Watercraft Championship in Punta Del Este, Uruguay. In 1991, Nando was part of a team of drivers who raced across the Sahara in stock model Peugeots. The trip, from Morocco to Tunisia, covered 8,500 km (over 5,000 miles) and took 28 days.A native of Montevideo, Uruguay, Nando graduated from Stella Maris College, run by the Irish Christian Brothers. He also participated in a study abroad in the United States that allowed him to attend high school in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Nando speaks five languages and travels extensively.
*Watch a brief video of Nando’s story here.
Miguel Torres Maczassek
Opening Keynote, Torres Wine Group
BiographyGrowing up as the son of Miguel Agustin Torres and Waltraud Maczassek, Miguel was influenced by the culture of great wine. That's why it came as no surprise when Miguel followed in the footsteps of generations of Torres family wine makers.
Miguel studied at the Escuela Superior de Administración y Dirección de Empresas (ESADE) in Barcelona, Spain, considered one of the best business schools in the country. While there, he studied business management and specialized in international marketing. He also attended the University of North Carolina's Kenan Flagler School of Business in the United States.
Miguel then spent some time working in DADONE's Marketing Department before moving on to another field similar to wine, yet quite different— the perfume industry. As Miguel says, "The perfume industry shares many of the same elements as the wine industry, being that both require a selection process and prestige.”
For three years Miguel worked as the director of branding for Carolina Herrera Fragrances in New York, USA, a renowned brand that belongs to Antonio Puig, a fragrance company based in Barcelona, which is known for such fragrances as Paco Rabanne and Nina Ricci. Miguel was one of the group members responsible for the launch of 212 MEN cologne. He also helped develop other classic fragrances.
Later, Miguel was named general director for Bodega Jean Leon, which has been a part of the Torres Wine Group since 1995. He accepted the position in April 2001 and continues to direct the company. In 2004, he took on the position of director of marketing for the Torres Wine Group. He is responsible for development of products, communication and the launch of new projects, such as the ones located at Ribera del Duero and the Priorato.
JR Brow
Saturday Night Entertainment
BiographySince his first time on stage in 1989, JR has gone on to finalize in the San Francisco International Comedy Competition. He was selected from 2,000 comedians to perform in Aspen, Colorado, USA, at the US Comedy Arts Festival, hosted by HBO.
JR’s first television appearance on NBC's "Comedy Showcase," hosted by Louie Anderson, resulted in a stellar performance in front of industry executives. In 2006, JR Brow was asked to perform on “The Late Late Show.” Most recently, he had a solid set on Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham” in June 2008.
Currently, JR continues to make waves across the country as a top-notch performer. While in non-stop demand from comedy clubs in the US, he is also in demand in the corporate world. JR has performed for regional Nike executives, Anheuser-Busch, Kraft, the San Antonio Spurs and members of the National Football League’s (NFL) Dallas Cowboys.

Mario Alonso Puig
Keynote Session: Know Your Limits ... Then Ignore Them
Leadership expert Mario Alonso Puig will dive into how to maintain your personal leadership in the midst of uncertainty. How are emotions related to our ability to think clearly? How can we remain creative in challenging situations? During this keynote session, Mario will help you to understand the relationship between the mind, instincts and human potential.
BiographyDr. Mario Alonso Puig has practiced General Surgery and Gastroenterology for more than 25 years. As a fellow in medicine and surgery at Harvard University, Mario completed his education with a Masters in Hospital Management at Instituto de Estudios Superiores de La Empresa (IESE), has a degree in Medical Sophrology from International College Spain (ICS) and also received the Award of Merit in Communication and Human Relations by the Dale Carnegie Institute in New York, New York, USA. He is a member of the Academy of Sciences and the Association for Advancement of Science. Mario worked for two years at the Neurosciences Institute in Madrid, Spain, and has devoted much of his life to the study of higher brain functions. His particular interest in the digestive systems has led him to apply the knowledge and experiences to the world of stress and its impact on digestive disorders. Mario is one of the top researchers in human intelligence.In the business world, Mario is considered one of the most prestigious speakers, thanks to his seminars and training workshops. He is a specialist in the fields of motivation, leadership and creativity.
Arun Abey
Keynote Session: How Much is Enough? Making Financial Decisions that Help Us Thrive Why do happy people make better investors and better entrepreneurs? What makes mature women better investors than young men? How can we have more money and more happiness?
We are what we think. But why does this lead us to make choices that do not make us happy or wealthy? Drawing on the latest Nobel prize-winning behavioral research and 26 years of practical experience, Arun Abey will explain how you can master your mind, improve your life balance and your bank balance.
BiographyArun Abey has had a diverse career as an academic, an entrepreneur and a top executive of ipac securities, a licensed securities firm that provides consulting and portfolio management to institutional clients and holistic financial planning to individuals.
Arun undertook degrees in arts and economics at the Australian National University and graduated with First Class Honors. He also obtained a postgraduate degree in securities analysis, and is a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australia. Arun is the Head of Strategy for the financial protection firm AXA Group in the Asia Pacific. He is tasked with overseeing about 60 percent of the world’s financial protection, while continuing to expand ipac securities internationally.
Arun is also involved in many philanthropic efforts, and has authored bestselling books. Aruns’ latest book, How Much is Enough? Making Financial Decisions that Create Wealth and Well-Being, explores the relationship between money and happiness.
Arun lives in Australia, and is a Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) Sydney member. He and his wife have two sons, aged 12 and 14 years.